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Do you have a special dream or a personal project that you would like to realise, but for some reason you have not yet realised it? Life is precious and too short to keep putting off your projects!

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Why now?

Life is precious, we know that! And many of us have a special dream or a vision of something very dear to us, that one day we are going to put into practice. Days, weeks, months go by and we are still not putting it to life. Yes, we have tried once, and then there was that obstacte that prevented us from going further. Yes, just for now we will stop and then continue later. That happens to many of us. And it also happened to me.

I had the dream of sharing my knowledge about mantra, meditation, breathing techniques, the nervous system, Yoga Asana and other bodywork techniques with the world. But I was always too busy pursuing my managerial job where I believed I was too important to work less. Until I got diagnosed with cancer, and after the first shock of the diagnosis started asking myself what I really wanted to do with the time remaining on this planet. One of the first things I did was establishing a regular mantra practice. And believe me or not, this has helped me stay sane throughout the treatment and focus on the things that really matter to me.

Why with a Mantra?

A Sanskrit mantra is an ancient formula. The syllables and letters have their own vibration, their own energy. And when we make these sounds with our own voice, we embody and dive into these energies.

Other than that, while we chant we focus our brain on forming the words, listen to the sounds and feel the vibrations of the mantra. It's hard to think negative thoughts while doing that and when thoughts arise, we just return to the words of the mantra and relax into it. You will see how beautiful this kind of a practice will be.

I'm a very rational human being. At least this was my focus for the past 20 years or so. Now, in the past year I came to realize, that not everything can be explained rationally. Not everything can be planned and controlled - or it comes at a certain price like exhaustion, frustration, or anger. So I tried and succeeded developing trust in my intuitive side.

Why every week?

Turning a vision into reality is not a single big step you take. That's something I've learned in my corporate career. It takes many tiny little steps and an intention to keep going. So, joining the chant experience with me on Sundays can be your accountability group for a whole year. If you forget your dream, you will be reminded, at least once a week. And you can strengthen your intention again, and plan your next little step towards your goal. Wow, that sounds like a lot is possible!

What does it cost?

Transforming obstacles and realizing your dreams is priceless. Therefore, these classes are being held on a donation basis. For every single class you can buy your ticket for 0, 5, 10 or 20 Swiss Francs - it's entirely up to you! You decide for how many classes you sign-up and you decide how much you pay for each class.

Where can I get further information?

You find further information about the class and how to prepare in the class description here. Or you can send me a message anytime on instagram or by email.

How can I register for a Sunday class?

You can register for every single session through my eversports account here by selecting the course date and the course name. If you don't have an eversports account yet you might be prompted to first create a free account. Please let me know if you need help with that, I can easily assist. Also, please be aware that the eversports calendar displays the time of the classes in Central European Time (CET). So if you're located in a different timezone, like the US, Asia or Australia/New Zealand, please use a timezone converter to see your local time.

How can I deepen the experience?

We are not only practicing the mantras in class, I am also teaching the mantras and share some details about how to pronounce the Sanskrit words etc. However, time is limited in the weekly 30 minutes practice and the main focus is tuning in and practicing the mantra together. Therefore, if you want to go deeper and intensify your practice, there is a special chance to buy a 40-Day Mantra Meditation Course "Removing Unseen Obstacles" with 20% off, using code "MONIKA2023" and this link. The 40-day self-study course is in English and includes four live sessions in either English or Germen. The next live sessions in English will take place from October 15th to November 26th and the live sessions in German will take place from October 22dn to December 3rd, 2023. You have access to the online course material immediately after purchase.

The last live sessions in English will take place on October 15th / October 29th / November 12th and November 26th, 2023 in the evening from 8:45 pm to 9:30 pm /9:45 pm Central European Time (CET).

The last live sessions in German will take place on October 22nd / November 5th / November 19th and December 3rd, 2023 in the morning at 8:45 am to 9:30 am / 9:45 am Central European Time (CET). There are currently no additional live sessions planned for 2024.

Where can I get further help?

If after a few weeks into the mantra practice you realize that you need practical help developing your project, please do get that help from any business coach or mentor you trust! In case you are interested in working with me please reach out anytime. I have some special conditions for "projects of your heart's desire" and if my health status allows, I'm more than happy working with you also in this regard.

What language?

Currently all the sessions are planned to be held in English. If, however, you are interested in sessions being held in German or Swiss German, please let me know.

See you next Sunday?

I would love for you to join next Sunday's class. Just try it out!

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