Life is an adventure and I love to explore and analyze it from different angles.

When I turn inward, I find "HOME" through sound practices, meditation,

bodywork, and art.

My wish is to share the knowledge of my explorations with you and enable you to apply simple practices and tools that can transform your life.

It's my pleasure to walk with you on a part of your way.



I currently offer a monthly Yoga Nidra Class in English on insight timer (on a donation basis) as well as transformational Nāda Yoga & Mantra meditation or chanting sessions. If you'd like to explore what mantra can do for you, join any of my online 40 day Mantra sadhanas. See current offers here.

Let me know if you'd be interested in another series of 30 minutes of Mantra & Nāda Yoga several times per week. Mostly at 9 a.m. Central European Time, either in English or in German. I used to offer these morning classes to start the day with an inner connection and flow and also to have a regular daily routine. Mantra & Nāda Yoga has proved very helpful to me at a difficult time, therefore I'd like to share this tool with you. For connection, for joy, and to celebrate life no matter what is happening within and around us.

Although you can participate for free on insight timer, it is a high-quality professional offer. I am a 500-hour trained "Heart of Sound" Nāda Yoga and Mantra teacher, 500RYT certified by Yoga Alliance. I appreciate any donations to help me continue offering those classes.

Most classes last 30 minutes. Longer units are still too exhausting for me. But from time to time I do offer a 45 or 60 minute class to test my energy levels.

After each lesson, I reserve 5-10 minutes for your questions or feedback.
I'm genuinely interested in learning what works for you in my classes and what doesn't work for you.


Innersounds.online is my "heart project".

With Innersounds.online I exclusively offer online classes and bring them straight to your home. In this way I enable people who have little time and want to save themselves the journey and people who are restricted in their "freedom of movement" - for example after an accident, due to illness, childcare or pets that you don't want to leave completely alone - the possibility of Participate in various activities from the comfort of your own home.

Innersounds.online offers Nāda Yoga (sound yoga with your own voice), mantra chanting, pranayama, yin yoga, yoga nidra and various exercises to strengthen the body "from scratch".

Especially after a long period of little physical activity, it is important to start slowly and continuously "from zero" and keep at it in order to build up your strength again. A daily routine, for example mantra chanting, also helps the body to regain its rhythm and regain its strength.

I hope that I can contribute to your well-being with my offer and I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.


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