Work with me

How you can benefit from my strengths


  • Presence is the basis for everything to unfold
  • During 1:1 sessions my focus is on you and your needs
  • I am present with all my senses and hold a space for you
  • Being in the present moment you will discover and realize your potential


  • The goal of every encounter is connection
  • Connection to your self happens when you turn inward
  • Connection with others comes when you turn outward
  • Your voice is an incredible tool to connect

Personal development

  • Learn to use tools that empower you to become a self-learner
  • As a person with an active mind, I can boost your energy, but also help you to find grounding, self-centeredness, and peace
  • Inner communication and listening techniques are a key enabler to understand and obtain what you really need
  • You will dare to make your dreams come true

Innerwork and bodywork

  • Connect to your self in my Nāda Yoga classes
  • Merge with your body in my Hatha & Yin Yoga classes
  • Turn inward and realize your potential with my guided sound, breath, and body meditations
  • Create ease and spaciousness in your body and mind with fascial release and vagus strengthening techniques

Business skills

  • My analytical mind can identify your stumbling blocks within seconds
  • My strategic thinking skills help conceptualize your visions
  • My organizational talent guides you to the next step on your journey
  • My love for numbers and processes enable you to keep the perspective

Interpersonal skills

  • My enthusiasm brings you and your projects forward
  • My clarity helps you identify strengths and weaknesses
  • My needs-oriented approach nourishes your motivational spirit
  • My persistence will help you to achieve your goals


You can only trust skills that have been practiced


  • I have been a self-learner all my life and love to go beyond a curriculum
  • I'm discovering, exploring, and learning, by reading, listening, watching, observing and trying out
  • I'm gifted with a sharp logical mind and an irrepressible will


  • I'm a Yoga and meditation practitioner for many years
  • I've spent a decade in a professional services firm and a decade in the hotel industry
  • I've been travelling around the world and studying abroad
  • I'm a cancer survivor and have coped with cancer treatments


  • How to turn inward and connect to yourself
  • The nervous system and how to calm / activate it
  • Non-violent communication and transformation of feelings & needs
  • Fascial system release and strengthening
  • Mental training, self management, self motivation and goal setting
  • Accounting, process management, project management


  • Certified Nāda Yoga Teacher
  • Hatha & Yin Yoga Teacher
  • Chartered Public Accountant
  • Business economist
  • Degree in hotel management

Pricing & Values

Money is not all that matters, but a means of appreciating each other's contributions

For free

  • Short nāda yoga, mantra and kīrtan tracks to sing-along on youtube
  • Background information on the benefits of sound yoga and other tools
  • Informational blogposts and videos (subscribe to my newsletter)
  • All contributions to Mantras for Peace, an initiative of my nāda yoga teacher Anandra George,

Live courses and self-paced learning courses

  • Various 10-day audio and video courses, from CHF 100
  • Various 40-day audio and video courses, from CHF 450

Live group classes and 1:1 coaching sessions

  • 45-60 minutes themed group sound meditations: CHF 30
  • 75 minutes themed Hatha or Yin Yoga group classes: CHF 38
  • 1:1 personal or business coaching sessions: CHF 200 for 45-60 minutes
  • Coaching package 1: CHF 1'000 for 6 sessions à 45-60 minutes (within 3 months)
  • Coaching package 2: CHF 2'500 for 16 sessions à 45-60 minutes (within 6 months)


  • With any 10 or 40 days course there comes the option to book a package with a number of 1:1 sessions to a favorable price, see shop
  • Special business coaching package for "projects of your heart's desire", CHF 250 for 5 sessions (upon application, conditions see "coaching special")

Terms of services & Conditions

I value honesty and reliability

General Conditions

  • Coaching and live group classes take place online via zoom, unless expressly stated otherwise
  • Payments are due in advance in Swiss francs (CHF)
  • Zoom links are provided upon receipt of payment
  • All information shared during coaching sessions remains strictly confidential

Self-paced learning and packages

  • 10-day and 40-day selfpaced learning courses are available for 10 resp. 40 days and can be taken a second time for free.
  • No refund on 10-day and 40-day self-paced learning courses. You can get day 1 and day 2 of each course for free and can decide if the course suits your needs before purchasing the full course.
  • 1:1 coaching sessions need to be taken within a certain timeframe.


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