Cultivating the Power of the Sun & Friendship

40-day mantra course

For this 40-Day Practice, we’ll be learning and practicing the Auṁ Śrīṁ Mitrāya Namaḥ mantra. Mitrāya is one of the twelve names of the sun and is described as “the friend of all, a universal friend.” The sun shares its light to us all, equally. The sun’s illumination and warmth are the source of all life. Will you join with us as we cultivate the power of the sun and friendship?

Connecting to the Power of Sun & Friendship 40-day Mantra Practice

The 40 days Mantra Sadhana takes place from June 23 to August 1st 2024, online via zoom.

We are kicking off on Sunday June 23, at 1pm ET / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET and then meet and chant every Sunday, with our final ceremony on Wednesday August 1st

, 2024.

The course includes 7 live sessions and recordings, two handwritten cards of the mantra, a What's App group to increase your motivation for daily chanting and to share your experiences if you wish, a recording summarizing all pronunciation hints, and a recording to help you memorize the mantra in the first days.

Listen to your heart and join the Mantra course for CHF 177, or join the course with a friend for CHF 216 (CHF 108 each). Payments in USD or EUR accepted upon request. You can sign-up here for the 40-day course with Amy & Monika.

Not sure what to expect?

Taste the vibe! Free chanting session "welcoming summer" coming up on

- June 20, 2024, 8pm to 9pm CET (in English with translation to German)

You can sign-up here.

Or, keep reading to find out how this can help you connect to the energy of the sun and friendship...

Your Teachers

Monika Löber and Amy Jensen are both Yoga Alliance certified graduates of the 500-hour Advanced Heart of Sound Nāda Yoga & Mantra teacher training course. Through this course, Monika and Amy were able to dive deep into mindful practices and studies of yogic sound. Through the magic of the online Heart of Sound cohort, they were able to become friends and share offerings together across the world. Their collaboration, reaching from Switzerland to Minnesota, is proof positive that music, sound, and friendship truly can connect us all.

Why Cultivate the Energy of the Sun & Friendship?

The sun is the center of our solar system, around which the dance of life occurs. The sun provides warmth and light and symbolizes all of the properties of warmth and light within our bodies and minds. The fire of digestion, the illumination of perception, and the vitality of our very being are all related to the sun’s properties.

Through the practice of this mantra, we attune ourselves to this powerful heat and light generator. We resonate with the mantra’s energy of equality - sharing our light and encouraging everyone to share theirs as well. Chanting together, we build friendship and enhanced vibrancy through our shared resonance. It is then that we truly acknowledge, embody, and honor the principle of light within us all.

Are you ready to turn your face toward the sun? Are you ready to throw your arms wide open & let your heart receive the light of friendship?

Why with a Mantra?

A Sanskrit mantra is an ancient formula. The syllables and letters have their own vibration, their own energy. When we make these sounds with our own voice, we embody and dive into these energies.

While we chant, our brain focuses on forming the words, listening to the sounds and feeling the vibrations of the mantra. It's hard to think negative thoughts while doing that. When thoughts arise, we just return to the words of the mantra and relax into it. You will see, feel, hear, touch, and taste how beautiful this kind of a practice will be!

I'm a very rational human being. At least this was my focus for the past 20 years or so. Now, in the past years, I have come to realize, that not everything can be explained rationally. Not everything can be planned and controlled - or, if so, it may come at a certain price which includes exhaustion, frustration, or anger. Because of these realizations, I began successfully developing a strong and trusting relationship with my intuitive side as well. Reliance on both linear processes and intuitive knowing now comfortably align within my work.

Why for 40 days and meeting every week?

Changing habits and turning a vision into reality is not a single big step you take. That's something I've learned in my corporate career. It takes many tiny little steps and an intention to keep going. So, joining the chant experience with me on Sundays can be your accountability group for the 40 days. If you forget to chant daily while cooking, you will be reminded, at least once a week. This whole 40-day process not only supports you in strenthening your intention again (and again), it helps you plan your next little step towards your goal. Wow, that sounds like a lot is possible - because it IS!

What does it cost?

A single chanting session costs CHF 35, but it's highly recommended to join for the 7 sessions of the 40 days. You can buy the 40 days course for CHF 177, or you can buy a "bring a friend" special deal for CHF 216 (CHF 108 per person). Payment in EUR or USD accepted upon request.

Where can I get further information?

You find further information about the class and how to prepare in the class description here. Or you can send me a message anytime on instagram or by email.

How can I register for the course?

You can register for every single session through my calendly account here by selecting the course name and the starting date. Calendly displays the time of the classes in your local timezone, so it is already at the right time and you don't need any timezone converter to see 8pm Central European Time (CET) in your local time.

How can I deepen the experience?

We are not only practicing the mantra in class, we are also teaching the mantra and how to pronounce the Sanskrit words etc. In addition, you will have access to an audio or video file of the mantra as well as a video with a summary of all pronunciation hints. Private lessons are available upon request. If you wish to retake the course to go deeper, I offer special pricing for that option.

Where can I get further help?

After a few weeks into the mantra practice, you may realize that you need one-on-one, practical coaching or mentorship. If you are interested in working with me for coaching or mentorship, please reach out anytime. I have some special conditions for "projects of your heart's desire" and I'm more than happy working with you to help you realize your goals!

What language?

The live sessions will be held in English and in German, with separate break-out groups for the teaching and sharing. Please indicate your preferred language upon registration.

Do we see you on June 20 and from June 23rd?

I would love for you to join the Mantra Sadhana. Just try it out! You can sign-up here for the free session on June 20, and here for the entire 40 day course starting June 23, 2024.

Are you a Heart of Sound Teacher Training student?

If you are a Heart of Sound 200 hours or 500 hours Teacher Training student, you can use this 40-day course to tick off either:

- the 40 day mantra practice requirement or

- 7 training hours if you attend all the live sessions

towards your training requirements. To learn more about the partnership between and Heart of Sound, please see here.

Amy & Monika

PS: We both are Yoga Alliance accredited 500-hour trained "Heart of Sound" Nāda Yoga and Mantra teachers.



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