Would you like to create more resonance and ease in your body? Here is how to... (Part 1)

If tension has built up in your body, your own sound vibrations are an easily accessible way to reconnect to your body and get relief. Learn how you can create more resonance and ease in your body applying sound practices - Part 1: A simple practice to start with!

Exercise 1:

  • Find a place where you are alone and comfortable. On your next exhale, make a humming M sound. Don't push yourself, be gentle. Make the sound for as long as you can comfortably exhale without pressure. Slowly take a deep breath and repeat. Repeat five more times, noting where in your body you can feel subtle vibrations of the sound. If you don't feel any vibrations, try again with less pressure, just let your lips touch, or try humming at a lower or higher pitch. Speaching of pitches, I also invite you to play around with different pitches. Or maybe you want to hum a melody and not just a note?

Exercise 2:

  • Open your mouth like you were about to yawn. Do this slowly, three times. Then close your mouth until it is 2-3 fingers wide open. Let your jaw and tongue get heavy, and let a relaxed A-sound come out low in your throat. Put one hand on your chest and repeat the sound three times. Focus on the vibrations you can feel under your hand in your chest. Nice! Just like the M sound, play around and explore different pitches and melodies. It works best with your eyes closed.

Exercise 3:

  • Are you ready to try out some syllables? Then I invite you to try the relaxing effects of chanting Om Ma Am. For your convenience, there is a sing-along recording on youtube, just click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc5a7Cs-dHc.




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