Online Chanting Circle "Welcoming Summer"

June 20, 2024 at 2pm CT / 8pm CET

On June 20, 2024 we celebrate the change of season with a free "Online Chanting Circle". Will you join us?

Online Chanting Circle - Welcoming Summer

On June 20, 2024 we will be Welcoming Summer by connecting our hearts and joining our voices across the planet - that’s right, the planet! From central Europe to middle America (and beyond!) we will be sharing a sun mantra.

What to expect:

Together with my Nāda Yoga & Mantra friend Amy, I will guide you through around an hour of tuning in, explaining the mantra including a few tips on pronunciation and then singing together in "Call & Response" - so Amy or I sing the mantra and then repeat everyone together. Your microphone is muted. Nevertheless, this is a very relaxing and connecting way to chant a mantra together and spread your peaceful energy. If you want and feel comfortable doing it, you also have the opportunity to “lead” the mantra for a few rounds in the second part.

Our goal is to make chanting easily accessible to you. No previous knowledge of singing is required - just the willingness to actively participate and get involved.

The Mantra:

For this Chanting Circle we have chosen a beautiful mantra, addressing to Mitra, the quality of the Sun that is universal friendship.


The mantra is in Sanskrit and the chanting circle is in English. Translation into German is possible upon request. Please let us know when registering.


The Chanting Circle “welcome summer” is free.


You can register here and automatically receive the Zoom link to participate in the Chanting Circle.

Your Teachers:

Monika Löber and Amy Jensen are both Yoga Alliance certified graduates of the 500-hour Advanced Heart of Sound Nāda Yoga & Mantra teacher training course. Through this course, Monika and Amy were able to dive deep into mindful practices and studies of yogic sound. Through the magic of the online Heart of Sound cohort, they were able to become friends and share offerings together across the world. Their collaboration, reaching from Switzerland to Minnesota, is proof positive that music, sound, and friendship truly can connect us all.

🌞🌷🌞 We look forward to Welcoming Summer together with you… planting the seeds of friendship, one joyful note at a time! 🌞🌷🌞

Amy & Monika

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PPS: Are you a Heart of Sound Teacher Training student?

If you are a Heart of Sound 200 hours or 500 hours Teacher Training student, you can use this live session to tick off 1 training hour towards your training requirements. To learn more about the partnership between and Heart of Sound, please see here.



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